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What’s Your Spirit-Travel Inside You?

September 11, 2019
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Different people like different ways of travelling. Some likes were travelling in a group while some like to travel alone. People who want to explore different places like to go alone while travellers who wish to enjoy that trip with family or friends like to travel with friends or families.

One important thing to figure out before you even start planning your trip is what kind of traveller you are. If you plan a trip that doesn’t fit with your personality and who you are, you probably won’t enjoy the journey. Here are a few things to consider before booking your next vacation.

City vs Nature

I’m a city person. I love the energy of a city, how much there is to do there, the restaurant choices, the grit. A week camping without a toilet does not sound like a fun time for me, so I wouldn’t plan a vacation that was in contrast to that.

what kind of traveler are you?

Be honest with yourself on this. Just because a four-day trek on the Inca Trail sounds fantastic, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. I still enjoy nature, but I make sure a trip involving a character is within my comfort zone.

what kind of traveler are you?

On the other hand, if cities aren’t your thing, a week in New York City might not be the best vacation for you either.

Physical vs Mental

Recognize what kinds of activities you enjoy. If you like cultural events, a vacation that involves museum visits, wine tastings, and tours of historical buildings might be perfect for you. Or if you enjoy food, take a cooking class in a foreign country, or explore well-known restaurants. But if the thought of doing these activities makes you yawn, consider something more physical. You can learn a lot about a destination by taking a bicycle tour or going hiking or rafting.

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Crowds and Your Comfort Zone

What is your physical comfort zone? For years I wanted to participate in Tomatina, a giant tomato fight in Spain. I thought it sounded enjoyable. But what I didn’t consider, and what I didn’t realize until I was there covered in tomato pulp, was that I don’t really like being crushed in a big crowd of people.

Maybe Oktoberfest in Munich or a big outdoor concert festival sounds like a fantastic experience, but if you are uncomfortable in crowds, this could be a disastrous trip. But if you get a rush from the groups, go for it!

Relaxation vs On the Go

Are your idea of vacation relaxing on the beach and not much else? Or do you want to be on the go experiencing something different every day? Both are equally valid, but you need to know ahead of time, which is your preferred method of travel. For some, a vacation to a beach resort with massages, yoga, and sunbathing might be perfect, but others might prefer lots of sightseeing.

When you start the process of deciding where to go and what to do for your next trip, consider what will bring you the most enjoyment. Travel can be an excellent way to push your boundaries and try something new, but make sure you know your limits and your preferences. Having these things in mind will help you plan a vacation that will be rewarding and enjoyable. Ask yourself, what kind of traveller are you? What’s spirit-travel inside you?

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